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Hi, I'm Thao (pronounced 'Ta-ow'). A graduate student in Business Analytics at UT Dallas, I have experiences in SQL databases, data visualization, and data analysis. I enjoy solving challenging problems with creativity ("Is there a new way to do this?") and efficiency ("Can we automate the process, or speed it up somehow?")

I have hands-on experience using SQL, Tableau, R, and Python for advanced querying, visualization, data cleaning, and analysis. I am also interested in learning more about different machine learning algorithms and big data. My perfect job would include daily tasks where I can leverage my technical skills and business acumen as well as exploratory projects where I can learn and grow.

Outside of work and studies, I am a ballroom and salsa dancer, foodie and enjoy traveling.

I'm currently looking for a full-time business analyst position. Feel free to reach me via my LinkedIn and Email below.
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Analytics Projects

From a marketing background to business analytics, I challenge myself to become a power user of SQL, R, Tableau, Python, and Big Data tools. Of course, Excel and PowerPoint are in my DNA. Here're some samples of my work.

Github Reposition | Tableau Library

A/B Testing

Perform a complete A/B test for an online enrollment "Screener" experiment. This is the final project of Udacity's A/B Testing course.

Presentation format: PowerPoint

Sales Prediction with Python

Predict sales for 1559 products at 10 different outlets. Using the model, we will try to understand what play a key role in increasing sales.

Libraries: pandas, numpy, pyplot, sklearn

Visualization with Tableau

Create a story dashboard using Tableau to present the ranking of college majors.

Tool: Tableau

Data Manipulation & Visualization with R

Analyze the data behind one of the most important discoveries of modern medicine: Hand washing.

Packages: tidyverse, ggplot2

Sentiment Analysis with R

Extract online reviews for Toyota Camry. Calculate sentiment scores and find top common words.

Packages: shiny, rvest, dplyr, tm, tidytext, ggplot2

Complex Data Processing in Hadoop (Hive)

Read tweet data (JSON) into Hive tables. Extract valuable information and perform sentiment analysis.

Languages: Hive, JSON, Python

Texas Instruments Analytics Challenge

Increase Texas Instruments' intern conversion rate using 2-year internship data.

Due to NDA, I cannot show the presentation for this project.

Network Analysis with R

Visualize an organization network using the data of 25K+ emails exchanged among 1K+ employees.

Packages: R shiny, networkD3, igraph


I'm proud to be a Comet, and grateful for my education at UT Dallas and our global partner schools.

University of Texas at Dallas

M.S. Business Analytics
GPA: 3.818
Graduated: 12/2018

University of Texas at Dallas

B.S. Marketing & Business Administration
GPA: 3.914
Graduated 05/2016

Ozyegin University

Istanbul, Turkey
Exchange Semester: Fall 2014

Minzu University

Beijing, China
Exchange Semester: Fall 2013


Since college (and thanks to UTD), I've experienced a lot. I explored multiple aspects of marketing. I promoted educational and travel opportunities to college students. I studied abroad, twice, in beautiful Beijing and Istanbul. And the best part, I'm fortunate to have been able to work, learn, and grow at many fast-changing, entrepreneurial environments.

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Globant's Hack the Now and Next

Winner of "Education of the Future" - 02/2019
Education has always been my passion. So I was very excited to join Globant's "Education of the Future" hackathon.
Within 10 hours, I led a team of 4 to design a mobile application that makes learning languages fun, addictive, and culturally relevant for pre-K and K-8 kids. We competed with 12 other teams and won 1st place for "Dingo" - a proud achievement of my first hackathon.


Business Analyst Intern, Consumer Insights - 05/2018 to 12/2018
Brierley+Partners is the industry leader in Customer Loyalty. In this internship, I was very lucky to be part of the Consumer Insights team for Hertz, whose Gold Plus Rewards Program has been voted the Best Rewards Program in the Drive category for six consecutive years, and so there were a lot of great challenges to keep up their excellent work. I had hands-on experience using SQL, Tableau, and R for advanced data query, cleaning, and analysis. I also worked on system engineering projects for QA and report automation via Python.

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Student Assistant - 09/2017 to 04/2018
IIE is the home for entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas. As a student assistant, I was excited to assist with many entrepreneurial events and competitions, experiential training, as well as venture mentorship to support our students, alumni, and staff to launch their new businesses.


Marketing Manager - 03/2016 to 05/2017
Conexlink is a Dallas-based SaaS company committed to empowering every business to deliver IT in the cloud. During my time as Marketing Manager, I brought in the marketing and communications in-house, using Salesforce, HubSpot to automate marcom and CRM activities. I also completed a comprehensive user guide and resource library, including customer stories, cloud e-books, and product datasheets.

BizCom Associates

PR & SEO Intern - 09/2015 to 12/2015
BizCom is a public relations firm for innovative franchise chains and dynamic entrepreneurs. As an intern, I helped them tell a better story about their services by redesigning and optimizing the website with SEO best practices. I also learned how to write, talk to media, and score an interview for one of our clients.


SEO Intern - 02/2015 to 07/2015
WrightIMC is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, paid search, and website development. My internship with WrightIMC was the very first working experience I had in the U.S., and what I've learned about Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization really became the foundation for my future digital strategies at BizCom, Conexlink, and the IIE.

Sponsor for Educational Opportunities - Vietnam

Recruitment Director - 01/2015 to 05/2016
Member - 06/2014 to 08/2014
SEO-Vietnam is the most prominent internship and career development program for Vietnamese students. During my time as the Recruitment Director, I was able to revamp the application portal to provide 500+ applicants and 100+ graders and interviewers a faster, more reliable, and error-free access.

AIESEC - UT Dallas

VP of Talent Management - 01/2013 to 05/2014
AIESEC is the largest non-profit organization for student internship and work exchange in the world. I was fortunate to join the UT Dallas chapter in its early stage, and took over the VP of Talent Management in the second year of our chapter. It was a lot of fun to do the recruitment, training, and regional meeting with our young team.